Why doesn't this work now? (Copy & paste of a card with a background)

Thierry th.douez at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 03:14:55 EST 2009

Hi Arthur,

> Hi,
> <....>
> We have a very simple system, with three cards being templates, and  
> one card
> being our 'intro' screen. We also have one group with its  
> 'background' flag
> on, which is a floating 'table of contents' (which we call TOC)  
> that resides
> on every screen.

Look here :
There is a little stack with to show the bug.
  I guess you are in the same boat I was :-(


Well, as a workaround, I kept the bg group, as I needed it on few cards,
but I moved my *bg* scripts in an object inside the group, and use
the *insert script...* functionality.
This way, the messages get caught again.
Beware that all your cards see these scripts then !


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