Can I tell if a Rev Stack calls QT ?

Phil Davis revdev at
Sat Feb 7 15:18:06 EST 2009

Hi Francis,

You're aware of the 'dontUseQT' and 'dontUseQtEffects' properties, 
right? As I understand it, your app won't use QT if these properties are 
both set to true.

Both props are set to false by default, so StackA would have to be 
turning QT off deliberately if it isn't using QT. I suppose you could 
add a custom property to your stacks that is used by script to set QT 
settings, like:

on preOpenStack
   set the dontUseQT to (the uAvoidQT of this stack = true)
   set the dontUseQTEffects to (the uAvoidQT of this stack = true)
end preOpenStack

Then StackB could simply check the uAvoidQT of StackA to see if it IS 
ABLE to use QT. It still won't tell you if it HAS USED QT (in the case 
where uAvoidQT = false or empty). You would have to somehow register the 
use of players in StackA (via 'playStarted' message?). Screen 
transitions that use QT effects might be harder to detect and register.

Hey, you asked for ideas.  ;o)  Hope this gets you thinking.

Best -
Phil Davis

Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:
> Hi from Paris,
> I would like to look at a Revolution stack (let's call
> it "StackA", from another Revolution stack (let's call
> it "StackB" and know whether QuickTime is called within
> "StackA" (for audio or video functions) or not.
> Anybody got any ideas ?
> -Francis
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