Using SHELL to get a list of processes

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Feb 5 14:35:00 EST 2009

Recently, Hugh Senior wrote:

> Goal:
> Using shell()to determine if my Rev app is among the line of all running
> processes. If so, then user has started a second instance and I want to
> quit.
> Task 1: Get a list of all running processes and IDs.
> Task 2: Get the process name and ID of my Rev app.
> With me so far? Okay...
> I should be able to get a list of all running process using "ps -e"
> (according to
> So I try this in the message box, hoping to see some sort of a list:
> answer shell("ps -e")
> What I get instead is 'ps is not recognised as an internal or external
> command, operable program or batch file.'
> Same result using shell("top") and shell("list-processes").
> So what stupidity am I doing, please (apart from naively expecting the
> syntax to work)? And how do I get the process name & ID of the app?

This worked for me:

 put "ps -A" into tCommand
 answer shell(tCommand)

Revolution is in the result.


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