Import temperature and switch on/off the heater with Rev

Bob Earp rjearp at
Wed Feb 4 16:56:15 EST 2009

Mark,Thanks for the feedback.  The Arduino looks a very cool device and as soon as I can escape form other tasks I'll lock myself away and play with it.  Yep, I know, I have to get a life  :-)I've been using the free PortMon utility from Microsoft ( with good success to monitor port activity, but unfortunately it's only Windoze, Bob...Message: 19Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 16:43:04 -0800From: Mark Wieder <mwieder at>Subject: Re: Import temperature and switch on/off the heater with RevTo: How to use Revolution <use-revolution at>Message-ID: <71666356250.20090203164304 at>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-asciiBob-The Arduino works well with rev.If you're using Windows and need to do some usb protocoltroubleshooting, there's a great tool available at they don't have an osx version, and I haven't foundanything else that does this sort of packet-level analysis for themac.-- -Mark Wiedermwieder at

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