Recover from Temp?

Ben Rubinstein benr at
Tue Feb 3 04:43:42 EST 2009

Kay C Lan wrote:
> Whilst I wouldn't argue against the use of TimeMachine, for those who have
> it, I find GLX2's Archive feature a swifter solution for such Rev specific
> problems.

And (not that this helps Scott now) I have a button on my personal toolbar 
that I use to save instead of the standard Rev save; it locates the filename 
of the stack, ensures that there is a subfolder of that folder named "(bups)", 
and moves the existing file into that folder with a version number, before 
invoking the Rev save.  So "test.rev" builds up a trail of "test;1.rev", 
"test;2.rev" etc.  (One of my stacks is up around ;1900 now.)

I made this in the early years of beta-testing the original Revolution, before 
1.0, after several times losing everything in a corrupt save; and I've been 
using it ever since.  It saves my bacon regularly, not so much now from 
RunRev's errors but from my own...   I generally just let all the copies pile 
up, since most of my stacks are tiny; very occasionally I purge if I'm feeling 

The script is simple but if anyone would like a copy I'd be happy to share. 
(I think Altuit also offer a plugin with a similar effect, which is probably 
more polished and has more features.)

More directly relevant to Scott's problem; I don't know what it means when 
Spotlight displays a dotted line icon either.  An hypothesis, since Spotlight 
(even when just searching for filenames not content) searches in its database 
rather than in the file system, would be that if it finds a matching record in 
its database, but then couldn't the file actually on disk, Spotlight might 
choose to display that in this way.  It could be that Spotlight happened to 
index in the interval between Rev creating the backup file and deleting it.

The other thing I'd try would be to open the terminal and use "locate", eg 
"locate myFile.rev".  I have a feeling that on current versions of OS X, 
locate uses the Spotlight database; but I'd at least expect it to give you a 
more unambiguous report.

But to be honest, I think it's unlikely that the file you seek will be found. 
  I think it's more likely that Spotlight is reporting a ghost, than has found 
the file but refuses to tell you where it is.


- Ben

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