When should cmd-period work?

Jim Ault JimAultWins at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 2 19:34:41 EST 2009

If there is an error window displayed when you start a script, and that
window is hidden behind another, then it stays behind.  On the Mac (Panther
or later I believe) you can use Exposé to show the windows the app or all
windows of all apps.

In this case, clicking on the error dialog thumnail will let you see the
buttons and click them.

Try this with any script that runs long enough to use cmd-. to see if this
works in your case.

Hope this helps

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 2/2/09 4:01 PM, "Devin Asay" <devin_asay at byu.edu> wrote:

> On Feb 2, 2009, at 2:44 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> I accidentally wrote a handler that called another handler that called
>> the first one, which called the second one, which called the first
>> one,
>> which...you know, like that. It wasn't really recursion because each
>> handler did a finite set of actions and didn't depend on the other. At
>> any rate, there was no recursion warning.
>> What it looked like from the outside was that Rev had become
>> unresponsive, though the cursor moved. No spinning beach ball, no
>> colored pizza, just the regular arrow, but clicking on anything failed
>> and the OS X dock had "Force Quit" in its menu. It took me several
>> force-quits before I figured out the problem was ID10T error.
>> The allowInterrupts was true, but command-period didn't intercept it.
>> Should it have? I wonder if that's even possible, since from the
>> script's point of view there was nothing wrong. It was doing exactly
>> what I told it to.
> Hi Jacque,
> This has happened to me several times in Rev 3.0, but I've never been
> able to pin it down to a recipe. It's almost like what happens when a
> running script throws an error and kicks you into debug mode, and you
> try to do things with the interface, but nothing works. Then you
> notice the error message and slap yourself in the forehead and say to
> yourself "What a dork!", then click the stop button in the script
> editor to get out of debug mode, and everything's fine. But when this
> happens you can't find anything to click, and you want to slap your
> computer instead. Cmd-period doesn't work because the script is
> already interrupted. It's almost like you really are in debug mode but
> the interface hasn't been updated to reflect that. Like you, I seem to
> notice it happen when handlers are calling handlers are calling
> handlers, in different objects.
> It's very frustrating; maybe if we compare notes we can come up with a
> reliable recipe for reproducing it.
> Devin
> Devin Asay
> Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
> Brigham Young University
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