Drawing a curved shape - 2nd attempt

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Mon Feb 2 14:37:44 EST 2009

Jim - thanks so much. I will be looking hard at this (I see later in  
the Digest that there is some issue with links, but I'm sure it will  
be sorted out - anyway I have to do a few other things before I can  
get back to this issue).

Thanks also to Richard for the 'historical' explanation of graphic  
type 'curve' - and I should also say that Randall's idea of a graphic  
containing metadata that could be used to tailor the object's  
rendering according to the desired resolution is fascinating (I hope I  
understand it correctly), although I won't be pursuing it myself just  


On 2 Mon, 2 Feb 2009 07:02:43 -0800, James Hurley <jhurley0305 at sbcglobal.net 
 > wrote:
> Graham,
> Until Run Rev comes up with a true bezier graphic you may find that a
> simulation is adequate for your purposes.
> Go to: http://home.infostations.net/jhurley/
> There you will find the following discussion of a bezier plug-in.
> "Bezier Line (New and improved) This is a plug-in allowing you to
> paste a bezier line onto any card of any stack. It is the normal
> bezier curve you are probably familiar with, line and tangent
> controls. The line controls may be either corner points or continuous
> tangent points. The control points are made invisible by double
> clicking on the bezier line. (This gives you a single line with any
> shape compatible with the cubic parametric expansion of curve's
> function.) Double clicking again brings the control points back. It
> is self-contained. All handlers are in the control points and the
> bezier line itself. I have added the ability to remove all the bezier
> control and their scipts, thus reducing the overhead. It might reduce
> the size of your stack by 100 K or more. (In the compact version, you
> will have a choice of saving the bezier curve as an open line graphic
> or a closed polygon graphic.) A more compact version (40 K verser 180
> K) of this plug in also available."
> Jim Hurley

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