Button Basher

Barry Barber barry_barber at yahoo.it
Mon Feb 2 06:47:22 EST 2009

Hi Richmond
You wrote
>Thanks to Mark Swindell I have uploaded a new version of "BUTTON BASHER.rev"
>to revOnline that allows (on Macintosh systems) end-users to set their own
>colour gradients,
>give it a go!
>sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.
Thanks to you for another useful tool. 
Now I will not have to fiddle with The Gimp in the middle of a GUI build!
Just one note though.
 The label "These buttons will only work with Macintosh systems" in card MORE GRADIENTS seems redundant; they all work excellently on XP-HE (except Condensed, Box and Expanded in  TEXT STYLE)!
Glad someone has realised we do not have to remain restricted to the card size limits of HC and  MacSE. My eyes are blessing you!
All the best Barry


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