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Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Feb 1 16:52:57 EST 2009

Recently, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> If you see a dimmed icon in the Finder called "test.rev~" you should be
> able to determine the file path either by checking the directory
> drop-down menu in the Finder window, or by assuming it is in the same
> folder as the original "test.rev" stack. Then in the message box:
>   put there is a file "/folder/folder/test.rev~"
> If that's true, then you should be able to open the file directly:
>   go stack "/folder/folder/test.rev~"
> And then you can do a Save As to a known location.
> If the result of the existence check is false, then the Finder is trying
> to display a file that no longer exists, and I'm not sure how that could
> happen. The backup file isn't supposed to exist, assuming the original
> save went smoothly, so that part's right. I wonder if the Finder
> directory has somehow become confused.

Thanks Jacque.  Once again, there are NO files visible in the Finder.  The
way I can find the temp files is by using the Finder's search facility.  In
the results of the Search window, the file names are shown, along with the
dotted-line icons, and NO file path at the bottom of the Window.  It may not
have come across in my posts, but I am quite familiar searching for files on
a system.  :-)

I will try using Rev to recover a Rev file -- ironic, but appropriate.

[ BTW, the only reason I even know about the temp files is years ago before
there even was Revolution and OS X, I was able to recover a MetaCard project
that mysteriously disappeared from my drive at 2AM, the morning before the
project was due.  I used Norton Utilities to search for any related files to
my project, found the temp files (which are the result of every save of the
file), and figured out I had an unintentional backup of several iterations
of my file.  Those temp files saved my butt. ]


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