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The problem with fractal compression is that it like all compression schemes is usually applied indiscriminately to a whole file.  A scheme that works best for some data doesnt always work best for others.  The real breakthrough will involve an entropy metric that can be used to self optimize a scheme to regions and others other other regions... Setting up a topograhic mapping of compressions as directed by the morphology of that data.  Do that and you can selectively and accurately reduce an image (or any other data set) to more general terms.  For instance, if a filter were able to extract obects (humans, plants, buildings, furnature, infrastructure, land use, animals, equipment) into semantic primitives, it sould describe and store reality the way our brains do while we sleep.  Achieving million-to-one compression ratios.

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I wonder if they're cross platform. If they didn't say, probably not.  PC

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> received this link from yet another list (chaos theory, fractals, etc...)

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