Recover from Temp?

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Sun Feb 1 13:32:00 EST 2009

In SuperCard you can open the file in a text editor or extract the  
text with a read from file command.  It will be garbled, but you can  
reverse engineer it cause the object names and scripts are all  
there.  Or does Rev protect the file contents better (are they in  
byte code?


On Feb 1, 2009, at 10:23 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>>> Anyone know if it's possible to recover a stack from a (what I  
>>> think is a)
>>> temp file?
>>> On OS X, doing a search for a file that has the name of a stack I'm
>>> currently working on yields several files named myFile.rev~ which  
>>> I assume
>>> are temp files created during each save of the stack.   
>>> Unfortunately, the
>>> Find dialog doesn't let me access these files, or show where they  
>>> are
>>> stored.  Is there any way to recover one of these files?
>> I presume you have searched & found the stack using Spotlight.
>> Select "Show All" in the Spotlight menu to show the found items in a
>> Finder window.
>> Then selecting any of the found files will show the full path at the
>> bottom of the Finder window.
>> You can also right-click on any item and choose "Copy...." and then
>> paste it somewhere visible.
> That's the problem.  The filenames show up, but their icons are  
> displayed as
> a dotted outline (no icon), no file path is displayed at the bottom  
> of the
> Search window, and essentially there is no way I can find to access  
> the
> files.
> When something goes wrong while saving a stack, Rev creates a  
> backup file
> with the hope being one can recover work from the backup.  I think  
> these are
> the same files files, but when a save executes successfully,  
> something is
> done to them so they don't show up normally in the Finder.
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