Context menu for Header of DataGrid

Mark Stuart mfstuart at
Wed Dec 30 20:24:31 EST 2009


Written by Trevor DeVore on Mon Dec 28, 2009 - 10:51 AM CST

I just added two new lessons to the manual that show how to do  

determine if the user clicks in the header and how to display a  

contextual menu for a column header. You would just build off of the  

example and show a different contextual menu based on what the user  

clicked on.

How Do I Determine If a User Clicks In The Table Header

How Do I Display a Contextual Menu When the User Clicks on a Column  

Trevor DeVore



Hi Trevor,

I followed your lessons with success. But now the mouseDown handler
overrides any normal behavior of the DataGrid.

That is, resizing of columns no longer works. Clicking on a column header no
longer sorts a column.

So it seems a "else - end if" section of script is needed to detect left
mouse button, to complete normal behavior actions.


Could you please amend the lesson to correct the missing behaviors?



Mark Stuart

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