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Thank you very much!  Well done, informative and will definitely help

  One thing I noticed was Richard Matthewson mentioned he liked the
music as well as the picts plus your code displays how to use music
with the slideshow.  But I have never heard any music even on your
latest which I clicked the automatic slide show with music which you
listed near the bottom of the page.  For some reason I do not hear
any music at all.

thanks again,

On Dec 29, 2009, at 6:53 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> -= JB =- wrote:
>> I could not download the code either.  I am using a Mac and a lot  
>> of times
>> that right click stuff doesn't seem to do what you would expect.
>> Would love the code if you make if available another way.
>> Nice looking pictures by the way.
>> -=>JB<=-
> OK I've been working on this every evening for a few days, tweaking  
> things.
> I made a page with all the code.
> Thanks for everyone's input, I cobbled it all together.
> Updated iRev code is here:
> One useful bit you will find there is an embed for driving MP3's in  
> almost any browser-platform:  I took me hours to find that thing  
> and it's been tested on Mac, Windows 7 Vista, EEPC, and HP Notebook  
> running Windows. etc.. and so far everyone can hear the music.
> No Java Script yet, but I will probably break down sooner or later.
> What I love about this: I don't have to touch Flash, SWF template  
> XML params, Action Script, there is no back end MySQL Dbase to hold  
> the configurations and metadata, captions etc.  (you would be  
> amazed at some of the overhead in some slide show frameworks!)
> This CMS is the kind I like.
> How simple is this and scaleable
> 1 folder: photos and caption files
> 1 iRev template file! ( I have three templates now)
> 1 iFrame (if you want to embed)
> It allows for a) scale b) innovation c) content is not "buried"  
> inside a  maze so deep that you can never restructure or refactor  
> your presentation without huge man hour overhead.
> Next "invention" will be adding voice over for each slide, where
> photo.jpg # is the image
> photo.txt # is the caption
> photo.mp3 # is the voice over.
> Caveats:
> 1) I never liked having captions "popup" over photos (the Flash- 
> DHTML way)  on the other hand I'm not sure I like scrolling divs  
> (overflow css) with such a fat scroller on an HTML page, but it works.
> 2) without Javascript there are no transitions. But I'm working on  
> the principle that "it's not the bells and whistles... its the  
> content! If you have high quality [images, sound, video, music]  
> then your viewers really don't care about the wrapper too much.
> 3) I'm still fishing for the "right rect"  and worry that I may be  
> making things a bit too big for the steadily growing world of small  
> devices/screens.
> Sivakatirswami
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