Slideshows in iRev

Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Dec 29 21:53:31 EST 2009

-= JB =- wrote:
> I could not download the code either.  I am using a Mac and a lot of times
> that right click stuff doesn't seem to do what you would expect.
> Would love the code if you make if available another way.
> Nice looking pictures by the way.
> -=>JB<=-

OK I've been working on this every evening for a few days, tweaking things.

I made a page with all the code.

Thanks for everyone's input, I cobbled it all together.

Updated iRev code is here:

One useful bit you will find there is an embed for driving MP3's in 
almost any browser-platform:  I took me hours to find that thing and 
it's been tested on Mac, Windows 7 Vista, EEPC, and HP Notebook running 
Windows. etc.. and so far everyone can hear the music.

No Java Script yet, but I will probably break down sooner or later.

What I love about this: I don't have to touch Flash, SWF template XML 
params, Action Script, there is no back end MySQL Dbase to hold the 
configurations and metadata, captions etc.  (you would be amazed at some 
of the overhead in some slide show frameworks!)

This CMS is the kind I like.

How simple is this and scaleable

1 folder: photos and caption files
1 iRev template file! ( I have three templates now)
1 iFrame (if you want to embed)

It allows for a) scale b) innovation c) content is not "buried" inside a 
  maze so deep that you can never restructure or refactor your 
presentation without huge man hour overhead.

Next "invention" will be adding voice over for each slide, where
photo.jpg # is the image
photo.txt # is the caption
photo.mp3 # is the voice over.


1) I never liked having captions "popup" over photos (the Flash-DHTML 
way)  on the other hand I'm not sure I like scrolling divs (overflow 
css) with such a fat scroller on an HTML page, but it works.

2) without Javascript there are no transitions. But I'm working on the 
principle that "it's not the bells and whistles... its the content! If 
you have high quality [images, sound, video, music] then your viewers 
really don't care about the wrapper too much.

3) I'm still fishing for the "right rect"  and worry that I may be 
making things a bit too big for the steadily growing world of small 


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