Setting Playloudness was Re: 4.0 not displaying text field changes

Jim Lambert jiml at
Sun Dec 27 16:21:33 EST 2009

Mark noted that it is now necessary under Rev >= 4.0  to insert
> 	wait 0 millisec with messages

into repeat loops in order to see any changes made to a field.

I have found this is also needed when changing playloudness like this:

on fadeSounds
   set the playloudness to cLoud
   wait 0 milliseconds with messages
    if the playloudness  <1 then
      set the playloudness to gSaveLoudness
      play stop
      send fadeloop to me in 10 ticks
   end if
end fadeSounds

Without the wait (either 0 milliseconds with messages or 1 millisecond), the 'set the playloudness' command is not executed.

Note that this is needed when setting the general volume. I'm not sure whether it is necessary to add the 'wait' when setting individual player volumes. Anyone?

Jim Lambert

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