Pointers to Quicktime videos in Revlets

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Fri Dec 25 15:55:44 EST 2009


Put "file:.///" before the actual location of the QT video. So if the 
video is here "c:/tim.mov", set the filename to:   "file:///c:/tim.mov". 
If you're doing this on a Mac, be sure the actual location of the QT 
video starts with the name of your HD volume in the filename (but still 
following the "file:///" syntax).

Best regards,
Richard Miller

Tim Lambert wrote:
> Hi
> Could anyone point me to a 'How-to' to get QT vids to play from an uploaded revlet? The vids are in the same folder as the uploaded Revlet, but nowr happens.
> TIA.
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