HC convert: help with text as graphic or rotated text

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Thu Dec 24 12:50:31 EST 2009

I've made many of these too, as no label program does what I want. I started
the HC version almost 20 years ago, and carried it over to Rev about 5 years
ago, continually adding functionality.    I had to create an input parser
for each kind of mastering rundown list; there is no standard.  One can get
these lists from iTunes by copy and paste, Jam makes a good rundown and has
a signature for the file, but Waveburner does not make a file that has a
constant signature, and the data is easily parsed. Sonic Solutions has their
own format as well.

As far as rotating text and having it print well, you are out of luck. There
is just no real text rotation in rev and any rotation will involve creating
a graphic, etc. You can do it but it will look cheesy.

But I gave up long ago dealing with c-cards, and just do the disc lable. The
most important thing about making CDRs after burning is to get a label on
the disc right away. That disc with a printed label, coupled with a
see-through front type sleeve, is all you really need to do the job.
 Focusing on the actual CD label rather than try to make a thing that fits
into a plastic case makes the job much easier, and much greener. One can
print a square-cut version of the same layout to insert into the sleeve to
read while the CD is playing.

I went crazy with this (personal) project because, as you have found, labels
are the biggest PIA when one is making a lot of CDRs. I've added a whole
editing functionality that allows the addition of graphics and text blocks
that can be arranged as a template.  All graphics are converted to text
strings using Base64Encoding, and all the newly created label data can be
stored as text with a filetype of  .labl.

But alas, since I made it for myself, the interface needs to go through a
makeover if anyone else would want to try to use it.
Stephen Barncard
San Francisco

2009/12/24 Emmett Gray <film2 at handheldfilm.com>

> I'm new to the list and this is my first post. I've done my first
> successful stack conversion from Hypercard so I'm up to speed on the basics.
> My next conversion project involves a custom CD C-card printer, which
> converts a CD premaster text file (with pq codes etc.) into what you want to
> see on the back of a CD jewel box sent for review or duplication. The HC
> stack copies the album title text, which appears in a field at the top of
> the back panel, and deletes the existing card picture, hides all fields and
> buttons, types that text as a graphic, draws a selection box around it and
> rotates it 90 degrees and positions it to form one spine of the CD,, and
> then duplicates and rotates 180 degrees and positions it for the other
> spine, then shows all fields and buttons again.
> If there is a way to rotate text in Rev I would have an easy solution. I
> didn't find it, nor can I find a text as graphic tool in Rev to do it the HC
> way... TIA for help.
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