web tables 2 rev tables

Jim Ault jimaultwins at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 23 01:15:07 EST 2009

It also works if you do a more general code
    replace "<table" with (cr & "<table") in tData

since there is no other html tag that has the word 'table' in it to  
confuse your script

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On Dec 22, 2009, at 7:51 PM, Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com wrote:

> Phil Davis <revdev at pdslabs.net> wrote:
>> Hi Roger,
>> It seems to me the bigger problem is the conversion of nested html
>> tables, which are pretty common. That said, here is a button script  
>> that
>> converts a 'simple' html table to a tab-delimited text file. From  
>> there
>> the sky is the limit.  ;-)  NOTE: This code works with only the  
>> simplest
>> of tables, but it gives you a starting point if you want to go this  
>> way.
> That's a sweet script Phil!
> I only had to change one line because my html table tags included a  
> few
> other other descriptors.
> replace "<table>" with (cr & "<table>") in tData
> TO:
> replace "<table border=1 cellpadding=3 cellspacing=1>" with (cr &
> "<table>") in tData
> Thank you, and Merry Christmas!!!

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