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Tue Dec 22 15:54:59 EST 2009

Hi Trevor,

Personally I do the conversion in FillInData. If you are creating the  
array that you are assigning to the Data Grid by hand then you can  
convert at that point as well. I am usually fetching data from the  
database using SQL Yoga though.

Yes. I fetching data using SQL Yoga and insert row manually to the datagrid,
and after insert from the datagrid to the database with SQL Yoga, so if I
understand well with

on FillInData pData
     set the uUTF8Text of field "Name" of me to pData
end FillInData

Then encode to the datagrid is ok and don't worry for, isn't? But If I edit
directly into the datagrid? I need do the same in the "closeEditor"?

To fill the fields I read directly from the rows of the datagrid so the
performance is better so I use a remote mysql.

For this fields I have integrated your Placeholder Behavior that use some
UTF actions. It's enough or I need to decode? I use the set uText of ... and
put the uText of xxx into...

To insert and update I move the data from these fields to the SQL Yoga
record object. Here I must encode from the uText?

To use this prop I suppose that I must create these prop for each field that
not use Placeholder Behavior, isn't? 

setprop uUTF8Text pText
     set the unicodetext of the target to uniencode(pText, "UTF8")
end uUTF8Text

getprop uUTF8Text
     return _UTF16ToUTF8(the unicodetext of the target)
end uUTF8Text

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