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On Dec 22, 2009, at 10:49 AM, JosepM wrote:

> This morning I tryed to use the unicode but all was errors in the data
> store and retrieved.
> In the datagrid how use the unicode? What is better, convert the array
> before to assing to the datagrid or use the unicode function in the
> "FillInData"?

Personally I do the conversion in FillInData. If you are creating the  
array that you are assigning to the Data Grid by hand then you can  
convert at that point as well. I am usually fetching data from the  
database using SQL Yoga though.

What If I Need to Work With htmlText, rtfText or unicodeText?: < 

See the getprop/setprop handlers below. Using the handlers you can  
have code in FillInData that looks like this:

on FillInData pData
     set the uUTF8Text of field "Name" of me to pData
end FillInData

> Also I haven't clear when encode or decode de unicode.

You will need to convert when setting or getting the text of a field.  
I use the attached set/getProps for working with UTF8 text.

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setprop uUTF8Text pText
     set the unicodetext of the target to uniencode(pText, "UTF8")
end uUTF8Text

getprop uUTF8Text
     return _UTF16ToUTF8(the unicodetext of the target)
end uUTF8Text

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