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Mon Dec 21 22:37:53 EST 2009

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 4:16 PM, J. Landman Gay
> <jacque at> wrote:
>> Sarah (and Sivakatirswami) wrote:
>>> I would be very interested to see your code for this slideshow please.
>> Ok, but it's almost too easy to post. There's a folder called "cgiphotos" of
>> flower images in the same directory as the irev page. Inside that folder is
>> also a text file named "cgiphotos.txt", which contains a list of all the
>> available photos. Each line of the list has a file name as item one and a
>> description as item two, like this:
> Thanks Jacque. The transition was so smooth that I didn't realise you
> were using the REFRESH directive.
> I too have wrestled with the idea of keeping the slide show in order
> instead of just randomising, but it all seems too much like hard work
> :-) Maybe next year....

I solved that one, a bit convoluted. But here is how it works using next 
and previous buttons.
And in a day or so I will have it auto run in order.

Basic concept is that you update a number post variable with each refresh.

In this case I'm using the "model" used by a Flash slide framework call 
SlideShowPro director (Cool Iris does the same thing) which is you have 
a single SWF file and you use that as a kind of template for pushing all 
slide shows thru. In my case I set up an iRev template. Called 
"slideshow.irev" and target and iFrame. You can pass the URL of any 
folder with images in it. And it will run.

e.g. this targets any folder with only images in it and a single 
title.txt file. if there were adjacent text files for each one they 
would be used as captions/descriptions (watch for wraps)

e.g. both use the same irev file:

if I update the template, both slide shows will change accordingly.

Then if you embed the iFrame into a page, then you can add other things 
to that page, in this case, music

<body style="background-color: #000000;">

<object data="
[SNIP of an embed I found after 4 hours research that will push an mp3 
to both Mac and Windows (Vista and IE on Window 7 tested]
<iframe   name="slides-stage" 
style="border:0px;width:1050px;height:760px;background-color: #000000;" 

The slideshow.irev is too long to post here. if anyone is interested I 
will create a web page were you can see the code.

Eventual goal will be have individual sound files attached to each 
slide.... or I may bail on this if the plug-in gets there before I do 
with iRev.
It will be sooo much easier. Then just leave this frame work for simple 
photo shows.

> Cheers,
> Sarah
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