PasteKey Bug?

Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Thu Dec 17 11:35:53 EST 2009

I'm having trouble with the pasteKey message not being caught (I 
understand that it does not function in the IDE without suspending the 
development tools).

I tried this twice - make 2 identical stacks, each with a field. In the 
field script I put:

on pasteKey
   answer "No pasting allowed"
end pasteKey

Then take one of the stacks and install a menubar with the default 
settings. Script the cut - copy - paste commands with cut, copy & paste 
respectively. Then suspend development tools, copy some text from 
somewhere and try to paste into the 2 stacks. The stack without the 
menubar catches the pasteKey message, but the stack with the menubar 
does not and the text is pasted.

Is this a bug, or am I not understanding something? (This has been 
driving me crazy for a while)


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