VS: How do I construct a scroll bar for stack larger than screen

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Wed Dec 16 15:36:45 EST 2009

Thanks but the example is far from fantastic -- it was quickly put together
to illustrate what I perceived to be the desired arrangement.  And since
building it on OS X and looking at it on Windows, I see Rev has managed to
mess up the text, so I added a little fix to keep the textSize in place.  In
answer to your question, there is no significance to the label fields, they
are present purely as a large visual identifier for the windows and are
probably unnecessary.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

Recently, D.Coker wrote:

>> Kresten, if you need nine separate scrollable stacks, maybe this is what you
>> are trying to do.  Execute the following in your Rev message box:
>> go url "http://www.tactilemedia.com/download/nine_stacks.rev"
>> This is a small model of what I think you described.  When any stack is
>> resized, the group that is within the stack scales to fit the rect of that
>> stack.  These groups have hscrollbars which you can disable if you don't
>> need them.
> Scott,
> I cannot speak for Kresten, but your example is really gonna be helpful to me
> if and when I get back to a project that I currently have on the back burner.
> To date, I've not done a lot with graphics -or- multi-stack configurations
> using Rev, so this will be a fantastic learning opportunity.
> Question: 
> Is there any significance with the label field in each window?

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