Deriving an angle from three points

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> 40,116
> 98,186
> 132,118
> How would one determine the angle created from three points, such as  
> those above?
> Thanks,
> Mark


Or even easier. Set the Turtle at the apex and get the angle of the  
other two points.

on mouseUp
    startTurtle --Initiates the turtle graphics library
    setxy 98,186 --The vertex
    put direction(40,116) into A
    put direction(132,118) into B
    put B-A into dA
    put abs(dA) & cr & abs(180 - dA)  into msg box
    choose the browse tool
end mouseUP

(Assuming your middle point is the apex of the angle you want.)

To run this you will need the TG library. Run this in the msg box

go url ""

Jim Hurley

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