bitXor 8 bytes of data

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Thu Dec 10 09:40:11 EST 2009

This is not just good natured banter. It is a poltergeist that lives in all 
x-talk programming, going way back to early HC.

I absolutely KNOW that I have had scripts fail, even though they are 
perfectly well constructed, and then just fix themselves while I am fiddling with 
them. This even though I am CERTAIN that I changed nothing pertinent during 
the fiddling.

Craig Newman

In a message dated 12/9/09 6:51:56 PM, alex at writes:

> Sometimes it's not enough to try something ..... you need to tell
> someone else that it still fails, and only then will it start working
> again :-)
> At least once a month, I start writing an email to the use-list
> explaining a problem (or sometimes just ranting about it :-), and by the
> time I have finished writing the email, including the "one last try" to
> copy/paste the failing code, the problem has mysteriously disappeared.

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