bitXor 8 bytes of data

Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Dec 8 19:04:52 EST 2009

Neil Allan wrote:
> Does anyone have a way of doing a "simple" bitwise xor  with two 8 byte signed floating point numbers?
> I believe the revTalk bitXor command can only accept non signed "numbers".
> I have tried performing the bitXor byte by byte on the two strings using the byteToNum() function on each byte individually but the result is quite different to what one would get banging the hex equivalent of the string into "calculator" on windows.
> Calculator gives me the correct answer. I set it to hex mode then just type in the 8 bytes of hex, hit xor, type in the other hex string and "="
> Any Ideas?
bitXor() will do what you want. Can you show a more complete code 
fragment (including the data you used) and we'll see if it's something 
about how you're setting the data up ?

-- Alex.

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