Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?

Dom mcdomi at
Tue Dec 8 03:02:21 EST 2009

Andre Garzia <andre at> wrote:

> yes we can! We can show as many revlets as we want on the same page in any
> number of instances we want but, you cannot do it with the standard html
> that rev generates for you because with that html you have all the divs with
> the same id which will spoil the detection javascript code. Now if you head
> to and use my javascript instead, not
> only it will be more readable and thus maintainable but it will also make it
> easier to load more revlets because I don't assume div#ids anywhere.

Merci André !


I had some trouble getting your demo, but that is!
(the bitbucked page is not obvious ;-))

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