finding revlet limits in a controlled environment

Phil Davis revdev at
Mon Dec 7 13:54:05 EST 2009

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Phil,
> many of those commands might not work if the user do now click the "I allow"
> dialog thinghy which might give false results for you. I don't know how
> introspective rev can be, can revlets return if the user is allowing acces
> to that kind of stuff or not?

I don't know the answer to that either.

We're trying to tell the user as clearly as possible how to run the 
tests. We've provided specific user instructions on each page where you 
begin a test. Each one has an image of the security dialog with the 
"Allow Once" button circled and text saying "Choose Allow Once in the 
security dialog". We'll see how well that works.  ;-)

Thanks Andre -

> On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 10:59 PM, Phil Davis <revdev at> wrote:
>> Hello -
>> My client wants to sell revlet-based software to his customers in a large
>> US govt agency. If they are able to download & install the revweb plugin, we
>> don't know what limitations to a revlet's capabilities might be enforced by
>> IT in their computing environment. To answer this question, we've built a
>> web site his customers can use in their world that steps them through a
>> series of revlets that each try different kinds of activity. The activities
>> include:
>>   * load the plugin and do nothing
>>   * create, read, rename, delete a file on the local HD
>>   * get a web URL (
>>   * run a shell command ("dir" or "ls")
>>   * create, delete a stack in memory; get a stackfile from a web server
>>   * print to their printer
>> Those are all the tests so far. The test web site emails the revlet test
>> results back to me.
>> Now my question:
>> Are we testing the right things? If not, what else should we test for?
>> Thanks for any feedback.
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