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Judy Perry jperryl at
Sat Dec 5 23:28:27 EST 2009

Hi Alejandro,

Interesting palette.  Probably what would also be really useful is 
something HC had, namely, pre-scripted actions via a button (going to a 
particular place, using visual effects etc.).  The problems then become 
(1) figuring out what those sample pre-scripted things should be and (2) 
the taxonomy for presenting them.

When I look at the current Rev toolbar, I don't see anything that really 
would be immediately comprehensible to the average normal human, nor do I 
see anything that suggests a starting point to get a project off the 
ground, much less items that would help complete one.

Any ideas?


On Sat, 5 Dec 2009, Alejandro Tejada wrote:

> Long time ago, i created this palette for editing the templates
> that i give to my fellow teachers:
> It was supposed to be skinnable and customizable, but my fellow
> teachers are not too savvy in visual graphics matters.
> The original shape of this palette is a circle, that you could move
> to any place in the screen. When you click the symbol, the identification
> of the teacher appears (a name or photo).
> Notice that both palettes are the same. You could display or retract
> the menu and buttons in either direction: horizontal or vertical.
> Teachers used a lot the "Image Frames" (drag and drop and image over
> the Frame to import an image) and the Screenshot tool (used to import
> an screenshot from the area of an object in the stack).
> As a result some of them made an excessive use of images
> in their stacks, converting text fields in transparent PNGs...
> only to discover that they had to retype everything to change or fix
> the text... :-\ (keeping all field properties inside a custom property
> solved this). Later, i included a warning that tells how much size each
> image add to the stack.
> I receive many ideas about possible enhancements to this palette:
> 1) screen rulers in pixels, cm and inches at the edge,
> 2) template layout palette (with image frames and text fields)
> 3) save serial copies of stacks.
> 4) Easy application of Color (and textures) schemes.

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