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Sat Dec 5 21:53:24 EST 2009

Hi Judy,

Judy Perry wrote:
> And of course, this is something everybody has been saying now since at 
> least the 2nd Monterey conference.  It may not be enough to make available 
> a free product that just dumps you straight into the world of scripting. 

One palette with tools, commands and functions useful
for authoring created by all participants.
We should ask Chipp Walters for permission to use his
altPlugin Palette and plugins:

Long time ago, i created this palette for editing the templates
that i give to my fellow teachers:

It was supposed to be skinnable and customizable, but my fellow
teachers are not too savvy in visual graphics matters.
The original shape of this palette is a circle, that you could move
to any place in the screen. When you click the symbol, the identification
of the teacher appears (a name or photo).
Notice that both palettes are the same. You could display or retract
the menu and buttons in either direction: horizontal or vertical.

Teachers used a lot the "Image Frames" (drag and drop and image over
the Frame to import an image) and the Screenshot tool (used to import
an screenshot from the area of an object in the stack).

As a result some of them made an excessive use of images
in their stacks, converting text fields in transparent PNGs...
only to discover that they had to retype everything to change or fix
the text... :-\ (keeping all field properties inside a custom property
solved this). Later, i included a warning that tells how much size each
image add to the stack.

I receive many ideas about possible enhancements to this palette:
1) screen rulers in pixels, cm and inches at the edge,
2) template layout palette (with image frames and text fields)
3) save serial copies of stacks.
4) Easy application of Color (and textures) schemes.


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