[ANN] Data Tree 1.0

Steve Checkley steve at theworcestersource.com
Sat Dec 5 20:35:04 EST 2009

Hi all,

Further to my posts every now and then about beta versions, it's with great pleasure that I'm announcing the completion of my first commercial library for RunRev: Data Tree 1.0.

After being a bit frustrated with the lack of a native tree view control in Rev, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and write one. Given the potential complexities of such a control, my goal was to create something that was as easy to develop with as possible and delivers platform perfect results.

With Data Tree, you can:

• deploy a tree control that will completely adapt its appearance to match the host operating system (Mac and Windows currently supported)
• use a set of commands to create nodes, move them about, change their properties and much more
• work with huge numbers of nodes behind the scenes and display up to 1,200 nodes instantly
• easily create trees with multiple parent/child levels, without requiring complicated XML
• apply icons and set other appearance and behaviour properties
• insert a tree control into the tabbing order of the card
• receive various mouse and keyboard events
• add your own properties to nodes, allowing you to store your own data within the node itself
• for more advanced developers, access the underlying array and build large trees in milliseconds

You can download a trial licence of Data Tree from the Downloads page of my website, http://www.theworcestersource.com . The trial licence is fully functional but will periodically display a nag window.

A nag-free licence that can be used in your own projects can be purchased for £30.

All downloads come with a supporting developer manual. More developer information, to be hosted on my site, is currently being worked on.

I sincerely hope that anybody who tries my library enjoys developing with it.

Best wishes,

Steve Checkley

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