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Sat Dec 5 15:48:38 EST 2009

On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 11:31 AM, Dave Cragg <dave.cragg at>wrote:

> I just don't think that pure code comparisons provide accurate comparisons
> of what's involved. And can perhaps deflect attention from the benefits of
> using Rev. With the stock quote example, I can open Rev, write my script and
> see the result without saving a single file.  I'd even be willing to write a
> few more lines of code in Rev if it was required rather than sacrifice the
> overall simplicity of completing the task in hand.
> Whilst this might be true, the problem is that anything beyond simple code
comparisons is so bloated it's virtually a Tutorial. The purpose of such
'gimmicks' is to tweak the interest enough to actually spend the time to do
a Tutorial, to create that first programme.

I tend towards focusing on the intelligent non-programmer, the cases
mentioned about NASA and psychopharm being perfect examples. These are the
people I'd point to specific code example from online tutorials for other
languages, and then to the equivalent in a Rev online tutorial - the pdf
version obviously being extracts but having a clear bibliography. I have
enough confidence that the cryptic nature of other languages would leave
most people scratching there heads, and whilst they may not understand any
better what the Rev equivalent code is doing, there is enough comfortable
English there that given the choice of which Tutorial to actually spend
their time with, they'll choose Rev. That's when they'll be pleasantly
surprised by all the other benefits of Rev.

Use examples that other languages are using, be confident to point people to
your competitors tutorials, have the same examples in your own tutorials,
then let them choose which tutorial they want to do.


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