Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?

Bill Marriott wjm at
Thu Dec 3 16:03:52 EST 2009


> It's possible, but it's a bad idea. The template is stored as a custom
> property in an IDE stack, and changing it will change the HTML created
> for any revlet.

I don't do much mucking around in the IDE, but I wonder what that custom 
property might be. Could the OP write a stack for his students which says 
something like, "set the revHTMLtemplate of stack such-and-such to myHTML"? 
These stacks aren't "saved" when you quit Rev, are they? If I'm right about 
both of these, couldn't his students double-click that stack, use his custom 
template, and quit without making permanent changes to revMedia? I could see 
some benefit to adjusting this template, perhaps I'll bring it up as a 
feature request for future versions. In the meantime, have you sleuthed down 
the name of that custom property?


> In a way, this situation is caused by the lack of a revMedia stack player,
> so that stacks could be saved after alteration (a new assignment added)
> instead of being transformed into an unchangeable revlet. I guess the 
> folks
> at RunRev see a player as adding so much functionality that offering
> revMedia for free would no longer be good business.  I'm not so sure about 
> that.

It's not that we find the Player to be adding so much functionality; nothing 
to do with business model per se. It's that the revWeb plugin is essentially 
the new "Player." Better to focus on having one piece of software end users 
would install to "play" stacks than two. For one thing, it's one less code 
base to maintain. For another, when we flesh out the mechanics of hosting 
revlets within system windows, you would theoretically be able to 
double-click a revlet and have it open much like it did in the old Player.

- Bill 

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