Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?

George C Brackett gbrackett at
Thu Dec 3 10:18:43 EST 2009

I'm planning a simple programming course for high school using revMedia (because it's free), which only produces revlets. I was immediately stumped by an early project to create and gradually improve an Assignments stack that would help our students keep track of their assignments. Alas, saving the current state of a revlet is not possible.

One way to enable students to produce information-handling projects for themselves (where information is entered, stored, edited, deleted) would be giving them an environment where the URL of the revlet is passed by parameter to the revlet code, and including a pre-written 'save' command in a project starter stack that can write the information to a text file at the revlet's URL. A big help would be to alter the standard test HTML so that the embed code passes that information. 

Is it possible to change the test HTML generated by revMedia? Where is it stored? Or can you think of a better way to set things up so that students can store information-handling revlets in their own accounts on a school server and not have to run them in revMedia but just call them up on a browser? I would REALLY like to engage students in creating revlets that other kids at the school can use.


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