Swing Browser is in testing

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 17:45:49 EST 2009


Just out of curiosity, checked out your site. Unfortunately, it's not
working on my setup (Vista, Firefox 3.5.5, revApp 4.0.0-rc-1 build

Here's what I see at my end. A window with a left-side menu and a
"downloading" message appears. During downloading, a screen object
that I guess is a progress bar also appears (can't tell for sure,
cause it remains one solid white color thruout the download). When the
"downloading" message and object disappear, there's a twirling
multi-colored icon/cursor, which simply disappears when clicked-on.
Then, at last, I'm left with just a black window with that left-side
menu, which is unclickable.

Tried it a couple of times, and the same results each time.

Nicolas Cueto

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