QT on Win: possible deal-breaker, need alternative

Thomas McGrath III mcgrath3 at mac.com
Tue Dec 1 16:14:18 EST 2009

I just used webex today to do a demo of a Runrev project that is too  
big for the web plugin but I still had to ask everyone to download the  
webex plugin anyway. No one complained. I think the general public is  
and should be more worried about downloading a plugin blindly coming  
across my website than someone I invite to download a plugin. And now  
there are five more people with the webex plugin. I am working on  
converting my demo (5 GB) to an online version to bypass webex for the  
next time. Then there will be five more who have the revWeb plugin...

Tom McGrath III
Lazy River Software
3mcgrath at comcast.net

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On Dec 1, 2009, at 11:35 AM, François Chaplais wrote:

> BTW, people that will not install QT will not, I suspect, install  
> runrev's browser plugin :-(
> François

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