Swing Browser is in testing

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Wed Dec 2 09:37:28 EST 2009

I have entered the testing phase with my new software based on the 
revweb plugin, and would appreciate any and all feedback (negative, 
positive, suggestions.... whatever) from anyone who wants to check it over.

The site is still rough around the edges... plus, I have little in the 
way of graphics skills, so it doesn't look as cool or tight as it could. 
But functionally, it has all the right pieces. I have about 30 users 
testing it now before it goes public... which won't be until a new 
version of the plugin is released. I've had to work around the ongoing 
revweb problems regarding cursors (no busy, draw or hand cursor), the 
lack of a dependable Answer dialog box, the lack of direct Externals 
support, and a few other things. Hopefully, these will all be fixed 
soon. Also note it does not seem to run under Windows 7 and IE (not sure 
about Firefox).

The main purposes of this site are as follows:

1. Allow users to easily import their sports videos into the system, 
following which they can review their "motion" frame-by-frame. I've set 
the site up generically, so it is as useful to baseball, tennis, etc. as 
it is to golf (my original core focus area).  The software should handle 
most common video formats. It uses ffmpeg to convert any 
non-Quicktime-compatible formats to MOV.

2. Let users compare their motion to professionals (i.e. "model videos" 
in the Directory)

3. Let them easily edit these videos (which are often 20 - 100 mb in 
size coming off the camera) so the file size is 1 mb or so, from which 
they can then quickly send those videos to anyone else for review (using 
just an email address). The receiver views the video in my program. You 
can test this function using the Sample Video (in the Directory) under 
the Imported Videos section. Click on it, then Edit Video.

4. Most importantly, allow pro's to do a voice-over analysis (including 
lines, circles and polygons) of a swing using the Create Analysis button 
in the Compare screen. This analysis can then be quickly sent to others 
(typically students) for review through my site.

5. Make the program easy to use, convenient (since it runs in a 
browser... which is where all the action seems to be these days), and 
inexpensive ($69).

6. Make it Windows, Mac and (soon) Linux compatible.

It's all here:  www.swingbrowser.com

Richard Miller

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