Speeding a handler?

Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Tue Dec 1 12:15:43 EST 2009

Hello Ton,

This should be MUCH faster because the text is moved to a variable for 
processing. It assumes all text in the field is either red or black.

on mouseUp
   put 1 into someFld -- I used fld 1 in my test

   -- get colored text from field
   put the htmlText of fld someFld into tText
   -- remove quote char from html (but leave " entity)
   replace quote with empty in tText
   -- remove all red color from text
   replace "<font color=#FF0000>" with empty in tText
   replace "</font>" with empty in tText
   -- set text line color to red if line contains a quote
   repeat for each line tLine in tText
      if """ is in tLine -- this line contains a quote
      then -- make the text red
         put "<font color=#FF0000>" after char 3 of tLine -- after "<p>"
         put "</font>" before char -4 of tLine -- before "</p>"
      end if
      put tLine & cr after tNewText
   end repeat
   delete last char of tNewText
   -- update the field with recolored text
   lock screen
   put the vScroll of fld someFld into x
   set the htmlText of fld someFld to tNewText
   set the vScroll of fld someFld to x
   unlock screen
end mouseUp

Phil Davis

Ton Cardona wrote:
> I have a text field with 5.729 lines. 826 of them, those containing quotes, must appear coloured in red so the instruction would be:
> put 0 into x
> repeat for each line aLine of fld someFld
>   add 1 to x
>   if quote is in aLine then
>     set the forecolor of line x of fld someFld to "red"
>     replace quote with empty in line x of fld someFld
>   end if
> end repeat
> The problem is it takes 55 seconds.
> I have reduced this time to 33 seconds by recording previously the numbers of the lines to be coloured and storing them in a customProp, yet it still takes 33 seconds.
> Does anyone know a faster way of performing this task?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ton

Phil Davis

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