QT on Win: possible deal-breaker, need alternative

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at mines-paristech.fr
Tue Dec 1 11:44:50 EST 2009

Also, mediarage is in the macbundles
excerpt from the readme file:
What's New in 3.0?
Release Date 2007-02-12

**This version requires purchase of an upgrade license ($9.95) for previous users of Media Rage or MP3 Rage.

New Tools & Apps:

- [Feature] new Tool Chain window - enables running some of Media Rage's diverse toolset in a sequential manner.
- [Feature] new Music Exporter tool - converts files between supported QuickTime formats (e.g. mp3/mp4 -> AIFF, AIFF -> AVI, etc.).
- [Feature] new Data Remover tool - can remove specific metadata from files (e.g. ID3 tag frames).
- [Feature] new command line version of the Data Changer tool for use in your own scripts, apps, etc.
- [Feature] The Media Rage package now includes the 'TuneHound' iTunes accessory application. 
- [Feature] Create M3U Simple, M3U Extended, and PLS formatted playlists (via the Data Import/Export tool).


Le 30 nov. 2009 à 22:03, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> I have a project out to bid which is currently spec'd to require QuickTime on both Mac and Win.  The client is discussing this with his customers to determine whether it will be acceptable to them to install QT on their systems.  In the event that those customers say no I need a backup, and preferably one which lets me deliver this project in Rev.
> Here are the specs:
> a. Source media files are in WAV, AIF, and MP3, with thousands of them and many of full-length songs so embedded audio clips are not an option.
> b. Must be able to play the file.
> c. Must be able to move the playhead in whatever UI we deliver to allow playback from arbitrary starting points.
> In my tests here using a Win XP system without QT installed, b. works fine only for MP3, but I couldn't play WAV files in Rev at all.
> c. was a non-starter for all formats: attempting to set the currentTime for a player control yielded no change to when the file began playing; if the file had not be played before it would only play from 0, and if it had played and been stopped using the stop command then the next play would always resume where it had last stopped, regardless of the currentTime.
> Last time I asked about this here one of the responses (from Andre?) suggested using a player made with Flash embedded in HTML inside the Rev browser.
> If we have no alternative that may be okay, but I'm concerned about the layers of overhead introduced by relying on those two extra components.
> Have any of you used a similar configuration for playing WAV files on a PC?
> Was the performance acceptable?
> Any drawbacks with such a setup?
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