Dumb Newbie Questions -- 1 of N

DunbarX at aol.com DunbarX at aol.com
Thu Apr 30 18:38:53 EDT 2009

Good to know I am not alone.

I made a stack with 11,000 cards. Navigating via script or msg is fast ("go 
cd 7500"). Navigating with Cmd-3 (or its menu equal) is horrible. I wonder 
why. Finding is not bad, not nearly as fast as HC, but not bad. Saving takes 
a few seconds. Sorting takes a little time. I have not experimented with 
other common commands to see what else slows down, or whether it is possible 
to design around them.

I think the one thing, for me, that is disappointing in Rev is this 
practical limit on the number of cards. A la HC, it is comforting to me to be able 
to hold the data within the app. That means lots of cards.

Craig Newman

In a message dated 4/30/09 2:25:36 PM, jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu writes:

> 4.  I think #4 above defeats the purpose.  We were all stupid normal
> humans at one point.  Some of us (moi) still are.  There has to be some
> threshold at which Mark's approach makes sense and underneath that it
> simply doesn't matter.  What is that threshold and why does it matter at
> that point?

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