Dumb Newbie Questions -- 1 of N

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Thu Apr 30 14:25:14 EDT 2009

DunbarX recently lamented the lack of stupid new user questions.  As I 
privately communicated to hi & Jacque, while not a new user, I certainly 
have stupid questions in abundance.

So here's mine on custom properties & arrays:

I d/l Mark's stack on the subject.  Here are my comments (no criticism of 
Mark intended):

1.  That's rather alot of work to go through for a stack that would have, 
at best, 3 or 4 cards worth of data.

2.  I'm willing to concede that, for such an employee database on the 
order of where I work, with probably ~7,000 employees, Mark's solution 
likely makes better sense from both a programming standpoint as well as a 
speed of execution standpoint.

3.  I am, however, willing to also point out that, for some 
normal human newcomer, if they're told they should NEVER EVER save data 
in a stack having multiple cards and multiple fields, they're gonna tell 
you that's why they stick with PowerPoint.

4.  I think #4 above defeats the purpose.  We were all stupid normal 
humans at one point.  Some of us (moi) still are.  There has to be some 
threshold at which Mark's approach makes sense and underneath that it 
simply doesn't matter.  What is that threshold and why does it matter at 
that point?

Kindest thanks,


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