DataGrid: mouseup stops working after setting dgProp["default column behavior"]: Reloaded

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Wed Apr 29 12:39:24 EDT 2009

Hi Trevor,

> On Apr 29, 2009, at 10:38 AM, klaus at wrote:
>>> Another thing to do is to add some logging functions to the  
>>> arrowkey and mouseUp messages in button "Data grid" of stack  
>>> "revdatagridlibrary" and confirm that mouseUp is not being  
>>> triggered at all.
>> Good idea, said and done!
>> I added some lines to the "mouseup" handler in the btn "DataGrid"
>> answer "Mouse was clicked"
>> answer sDeselectOnMouseUp
>> and the mouseclick gets to the lib but the local variable  
>> "sDeselectOnMouseUp" is empty at that point so the selection will  
>> not change(?).
> It is okay if sDeselectOnMouseUp is empty. That var is set in  
> dgMouseDown in order to select the clicked on row if you have  
> multiple lines selected.

Ah, I knew it wasn't that easy...

> But mouseUp is getting called so why do you think that mouseUp  
> starts working?
> Is it just that lines stop being selected?

This is the case, the grid gets "mouseup" but the "clicekd" line does  
not get selected.

> If that is the case then the problem is in mouseDown most likely.  
> Can you add a log for that as well.

Yes, will do tomorrow at work, where I have all these files.

>> But my other observation is also correct, this only happens after I  
>> set the custom behavior AND the stack
>> with the grid is a substack, honestly :-)
>> All is fine if that stack is a mainstack, makes no sense, but  
>> that's the way it is.
> Can you email me the script of your custom behavior? I will look at  
> that first and if the answer isn't obvious then we can try and  
> figure out the substack issue.

It was in my last mail:

on FillInData pData
   set the text of me to win2mac(urldecode(pData))
end fillInData

Nothing extraordinary I think, and it works as exspected.

Thanks for your help!

> Regards,
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> Trevor DeVore
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Klaus Major
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