DataGrid: mouseup stops working after setting dgProp["default column behavior"]: Reloaded

Trevor DeVore lists at
Wed Apr 29 11:15:22 EDT 2009

On Apr 29, 2009, at 10:38 AM, klaus at wrote:

>> Another thing to do is to add some logging functions to the  
>> arrowkey and mouseUp messages in button "Data grid" of stack  
>> "revdatagridlibrary" and confirm that mouseUp is not being  
>> triggered at all.
> Good idea, said and done!
> I added some lines to the "mouseup" handler in the btn "DataGrid"
> answer "Mouse was clicked"
> answer sDeselectOnMouseUp
> and the mouseclick gets to the lib but the local variable  
> "sDeselectOnMouseUp" is empty at that point so the selection will  
> not change(?).

It is okay if sDeselectOnMouseUp is empty. That var is set in  
dgMouseDown in order to select the clicked on row if you have multiple  
lines selected. But mouseUp is getting called so why do you think that  
mouseUp starts working? Is it just that lines stop being selected? If  
that is the case then the problem is in mouseDown most likely. Can you  
add a log for that as well.

> But my other observation is also correct, this only happens after I  
> set the custom behavior AND the stack
> with the grid is a substack, honestly :-)
> All is fine if that stack is a mainstack, makes no sense, but that's  
> the way it is.

Can you email me the script of your custom behavior? I will look at  
that first and if the answer isn't obvious then we can try and figure  
out the substack issue.


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