error -39 on app start

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Type -39 error (Logical End-of-file reached during read operation)

The Macintosh was expecting a marker to show it where the end of the file is
on the disk. That marker is either missing or is in the wrong place. A crash
is the most common cause, however a disk error or corrupt file can also
cause this.

Solutions: Recovering the file frequently fixes the problem. If it does not,
make a clone of a backup, open the clone and try to import from the file
that is giving the -39 error message.
In other applications, using an Import or Insert command from inside a new
document frequently works around the problem. You also might move/copy the
file to another volume.
end of quote

may be there is a logical problem on the disk of the customer. Ask him to do
a "verify disk" with the program disk utility, this is in the utilities
folder, a subfolder of the application folder.

in german (festplatten-dienstprogramm im Ordner Dienstprogramme -> im
Programm Ordner dann: Festplatte überprüfen)


Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> Hello,
> a customer of mine gets "database couldn't be opened, error: -39" and
> can't
> start my runrev app anymore on Mac OS X 10.5 (it's a valentina DB). I have
> to say, that the DB is read only, no writing to it, no update, no changes.
> Yesterday my app closed with an unexpected error at this customer. Next
> time
> he wanted to start, an error occurred "program is shut down, after it was
> newly opend" (free translation from german). I have no idea, if this error
> already came from a valentina error or something else.
> I deleted my whole app and installed it from the scratch from DVD with the
> customer. Since then he gets the "database couldn't be opened, error: -39"
> and sometimes a warning: "unexpected exception on reindex of kind."
> I don't have much Mac experience, could somebody point me to what is going
> on here? What is this error -39, is it an apple error (end of file) or is
> it
> a valentina error?

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