DataGrid: mouseup stops working after setting dgProp["default column behavior"]: Reloaded

klaus at klaus at
Wed Apr 29 09:33:50 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I posted this yesterday, but did not get an answer yet.

If someone can give a hint or two, please do it :-)
This is blocking our current project.

> Hi all, as the subject states, mouseup stopped working in my DataGrid.
> Using the arrowkeys to navigate still works fine.
> I added this custom behaviour via a new button, which works as  
> exspected
> (converts the data to Mac encoding if necessary and urldecodes the  
> data):
> on FillInData pData
>    set the text of me to win2mac(urldecode(pData))
> end fillInData
> But after that navigating in the list with the mouse stopped working?!
> Setting the custom behaviour to empty again does not resolve the  
> problem,
> I just cannot click to change the list.
> I already quit and reopened Rev/MetaCard, still no joy. Any hints?

I also found out that this only happens if the stack with the grid is  
a substack!!!???
NO problems if that stack is a mainstack.

I already filed a bug report, but we definitivley cannot wait for that  
one to be fixed ;-)




Klaus Major
klaus at

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