error -39 on app start

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Apr 29 04:59:06 EDT 2009


a customer of mine gets "database couldn't be opened, error: -39" and can't
start my runrev app anymore on Mac OS X 10.5 (it's a valentina DB). I have
to say, that the DB is read only, no writing to it, no update, no changes.

Yesterday my app closed with an unexpected error at this customer. Next time
he wanted to start, an error occurred "program is shut down, after it was
newly opend" (free translation from german). I have no idea, if this error
already came from a valentina error or something else.

I deleted my whole app and installed it from the scratch from DVD with the
customer. Since then he gets the "database couldn't be opened, error: -39"
and sometimes a warning: "unexpected exception on reindex of kind."


I don't have much Mac experience, could somebody point me to what is going
on here? What is this error -39, is it an apple error (end of file) or is it
a valentina error?

How can it happen that even after deleting and reinstalling the whole app,
this error occurs? It looks like that the Mac "remembers" anything of the
corrupted program crash from yesterday, but how and where? We also have
restarted the Mac. 


I really have now idea, where to start, so any hint is very welcome








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