apple events and non-rev apps

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Thank you Mark Schonewille for providing this:

on appleEvent theClass,theEvent,theSender
     put theClass & cr & theEvent & cr & theSender & cr & cr into myData
     request appleEvent data
     put it after myData
     put myData into fld 1
end appleEvent

Now for an example of my complete ignorance about Apple Events  :-P

Question: Is it possible to have a Rev app monitor another  
application? Can it watch and record another application when it opens  

Example - Rev app which records data such as the above example  
whenever OS X Preview opens an image file.  IOW -  when user opens an  
image file with Preview (either by double-click on file or from open  
menu), the opened/running Rev app is waiting for such information and  
can record it.


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