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Tue Apr 28 03:09:06 EDT 2009

Chipp Walters wrote:
> Funny story. All of a sudden my fields in my Matrix project quit reacting to
> the mouse scroll wheel. The thing is, this particular project has tons of
> scrolling fields, but none of the vscrollbars are shown, as they use my
> custom color schemed implementation of scroll bars-- which worked fine pre
> 3.5.
> Then I remembered a thread on the subject over at Improve, looked it up, and
> saw where in 3.5 no longer fields w/out scrollbars react to the scroll
> wheel. A long discussion ensued where Kevin finally agreed it is the proper
> behavior, with the last message an affirmation by me of his decision. Hah!
> Had to go back and use a rawKeyDown handler in my custom scrollbar library
> to fix it.
> Now, I just need the custom scrollbars to update themselves when text is put
> in their linked field via script. I can of course do it anytime someone
> clicks in the field, just not automatically via script. I suppose I'll need
> to edit those scripts which udpate the fields.

Sounds like a fair bit of code just to get a custom appearance on a 
standard behavior.

Maybe it would provide a best-of-both-worlds solution if you could use a 
built-in scrollbar, but have control over its colors.

It would be nice if you could set the various colors for a control and 
have those honored.  Right now that only works if you set the global 
lookAndFeel property to "Win95" or "Motif", but it would be especially 
useful to be able to turn native OS rendering on and off for specific 

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