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Monday, April 27, 2009, 12:34:36 PM, you wrote:

> Once that ambiguity has been settled

..sidesteps the issue entirely. If an ambiguity has been resolved then
it is no longer ambiguous. Consider the statement

"I left her behind for you."

which, absent a defining context, is neither inaccurate nor
unambiguous. Once the context has been resolved, apparently by a pack
of hungry cannibals, then the ambiguity disappears.

> For instance: "Is Richmond an admirer of the rock group 'The Bonzo Dog
> Doo-Dah Band' ?"
> is innaccurate if the answer expected refers to how hairy Richmond's
> head is.
> Obviously with this criterion of accuracy, accuracy cannot be determined
> until
> an answer is elicited. Factors that will affect this are things such as
> the level of
> bloody-mindedness of the person being questioned. :)

Actually, I think the accuracy of *this* question is implicit in its
existence: I don't think it's possible to know about (and remember all
the way to the present day) the Bonzos without being an admirer (or
fanatic, whence derives the word "fan"). :-)

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