Sound file compatibility and Linux

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Mon Apr 27 14:28:16 EDT 2009

The loveliest bit of that article was this:

"I think the Ubuntu people spoke sincerely and accurately, but perhaps 

I didn't know that one could be accurate and ambiguous at the same time :)

Warren Woodford may be rather hot at popping together a derivative distro,
but the chap needs a few lessons in simple linguistic logic.

I have fairly simple needs insofar as my school is concerned, and having
spent a year on my bottom after returning to Bulgaria after a long absence,
and using that 'sitting' to experiment with a whole series of operating
systems (just to illustrate my initial goofiness, I started with Lindows),
I settled on Ubuntu, and so far, have very few complaints. I do,
always, hack the GUI to bits to serve my needs; in fact, the GUI's
hackability was one of the deciding factors in my choosing it:
one could argue that that is just GNOME.

Have now got 2 "tatty, old computers" running Ubuntu 8.04.2
(won't go for 8.10 or 9.04 as fear the black screen on 'unreason')
and playing .swf files.

Interestingly enough, having installed swfdec-gnome (by apt)
on both, one plays the .swf files with nary a backward glance,
t'other tells me that they are not .swf files (!!!) and so I have to
play them using Adobe Flash Player through Firefox. Funny, as
both hard-disks had a brand, new install.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> It was to do with which release it is based on, and to what extent the
> release itself is incremental or a rebuild from Debian Experimental.  I
> wasn't very clear about it, and expressed it even less clearly!

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